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What Anklet Style Should You Wear? A Beauty Guide.

The thought of wearing an anklet conjures up different feelings for everyone.

This Copper And Lily beauty blog looks to shine some light on what anklets mean and how to find the perfect anklet for your specific style.

First and foremost, at Copper and Lily we believe that whatever makes you FEEL beautiful has the most impact on you actually looking good.

The history of anklets dates back hundreds, maybe even thousands, of years. They were worn by everyone from peasants to Queens in ancient Egypt. Women of India have also worn them to portray wealth or as part of cultural dances. 

Anklets typically get divided into four categories: charms, boho and beach,  precious metals, and Kundan.

Charms Anklets: are usually worn by children or women who, frankly, just like collecting charms. If you're over 16 you should probably let this one go.

Precious metals: can range from Silver to Gold To Diamonds. These are the kind of accessories someone would wear to a high end outing. Think ball gowns and black ties.

Boho anklets and beach anklets: these cover the largest variety and tend to be the most popular. From turtles and waves to turquoise and starfish. It all comes down to who you are and what resonates with you. There is nothing sexier than someone who's comfortable in their own skin. These best outfits for these are typically long flowing skirts and eclectic tops. Properly pedicured toes is also a good idea.

Kundan anklets: these are very symbolic in India and are some of the most stunning and artistic anklets in the world. They typically come in pairs, are worn at events, and have a connecting chain to a toe ring. Gold coloring is the predominant feature because gold is so revered in India.

Anklets have been around for centuries and aren't going away so choose the style that works for you and have fun with it!

To view a great selection of anklets click on this link: 

Live, love, and laugh.

Copper and Lily 


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